Typing NZ


TypingNZ specialises in offsite digital transcription . For you, we can transcribe digital dictation, type from hard copy, edit, re-write, spell check and grammar check the work before being sent back to you. We also set out typed documents attractively and proof read typed text before sending you the final copy - so you can be sure what you get is perfect and ready to use!

  • Our Core Client Work

    • Day-to-day correspondence

    • Report typing

    • Verbatim interviews/speaker presentations/discussion groups

  • Additional Services

    • Drafts for books, memoirs, manuscripts and manuals

    • Mail merging for mail-outs/labels etc

    • Data entry work and converting sound files

    We are happy to discuss special projects or one-off assignments outside of this range. We will do our best to accommodate your requirements.


  • File/Data Exchange
    • Each client has their own folder shared only with TypingNZ Ltd where digital files/PDFs/word documents are deposited and the completed transcript retrieved.

    • Receipt and return of all work is acknowledged by email in all instances.



Typing NZ is a division of Transcriptionz Ltd. Based in Tauranga New Zealand, the company is owned by Rosemary Turner-Waugh.



  • - Ex-secretaries
  • - Ex-PAs
  • - Dictaphone Typists
  • - All based locally
Selected for their speed, accuracy, spelling, attention to detail, proof reading skills, life skills and common-sense.

Our Commitment

  • - Transparency
  • - Communication
  • - Reliability
  • - Consistency
  • - Confidentiality